Room Additions

Room Additions
Adding a room addition is one of the most valuable improvements you can make to raise the market value of your house. In addition to the luxury and convenience of having an extra room, you’ll recover about 72% of the value of the remodel if you decide to put your house back on the market. Room additions can also be a great way to turn your home into a comfortable living space, allowing for more enjoyable entertaining and family time.

“Specialty” room additions are great ways to integrate your lifestyle into your home. Adding a small gym, yoga or meditation room, craft room, or study will give you a place to enjoy your hobbies without stepping out of your house. Do you love your neighborhood but feel cramped in your home? We can also help you add an additional bedroom to accommodate a growing family or guests.
When designing your new room, consider going green. Renewable, sustainable homebuilding and renovations continue to gain popularity. Solar panels are no longer bulky, unattractive fixtures; rather, new sleek designs can either add to the appearance of your modern home or be concealed easily. State and local rebate incentives for energy efficiency and sustainability make alternative sources of electricity a great option for any homeowner.
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